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Location: Brighton, East Sussex

About Funplex

Opening times

Mon – Sun: 10am til 6pm


Peak Time (Weekends & School Holidays)
Under 1’s will be charged £2.00 unless accompanied by a sibling.
Over 4 years old: £5.95
Under 4 years: £5.45

Off Peak (All Other Times)
Under 1’s will be charged £1.50 unless accompanied by a sibling
Over 4 years old: £4.75
Under 4 years: £3.95


  • On site café and refreshments

Opening Times

No opening hours for this soft play centre.


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3 Reviews on “Funplex”

  1. This is the filthiest play centre I’ve ever visited. Toilets were a health hazard, the kichen was closed but to be honest I wouldn’t of eaten there anyway. On leaving I purchanced two slush puppies they came in solid plastic cups so couldn’t take away and wernt slushie at all basically half a cup of juice. I did complain but to be honest it didn’t seem fair to complain to a teenager when they clearly had no clue on how to deal with any situation. Do funplex have a manager because if they do they need re training as all staff do, no manager or supervisor in sight. Won’t be returning again I would give zero stars if I could.

    Rating: *

  2. Absolutely the worst place I’ve ever visited the facilities where good but the staff where rubbish bunch of kids running the place total dis organised no one knows what there doing. My advice get staff who can do the job and things would maybe run better.

    Rating: *

  3. The singularly mis-named Funplex has the dubious honour of being my worst soft play experience to date – which is quite something given I’ve been a parent for 7 years and seen a lot of soft play!

    We visited during the Easter holidays. You’d think the management would expect the place to be busy on a day forecast rain in the middle of the school holidays and would staff accordingly, wouldn’t you? Well, not at Funplex! They let everyone in, regardless of whether there’s table space to accommodate them, so the seating area was littered with families who had just plonked themselves down in the middle of the floor. Not great when there’s small children charging around, and even worse when you factor in the multitudinous buggies strewn around.

    The play frame is decent, but badly designed, so it’s impossible to adequately supervise your children unless you actually go in yourself. Many kids were completely unsupervised and running riot – including climbing up the big slides when smaller kids were sliding down. Staff were nowhere to be seen.

    And the food, oh dear lord, the food! We queued for about 20 minutes to order and we’re told it’d be a 45 minute wait for food. Fair enough, they were busy. The food actually came out 60 minutes later. It was cold and very unappealing, I pinched one of my daughter’s chips to try it. Well, it looked like a chip, but it just tasted of stale grease. You don’t expect haute cuisine in a softplay, but how hard is it to fry chips and bung a pizza in the oven? When we tried to order food for the adults, things got even worse. They had run out of a lot of things: I gave up and just are my son’s left over garlic bread instead (a cheap pizza base covered in garlic butter. Grim). My friend changed her order and sat down to wait. 15 minutes later she was approached to say they’d run out of part of her meal but would substitute something else. Another 20 minutes passed and they came out again to say they were out of another part of her meal. She gave up and asked for a refund. She was told to queue up at the till for it. That took around another 15 minutes!

    This is just the edited highlights: I’m sure you don’t need the details of the uncleared tables, surly staff, inadequate toilets and all-pervading smell of chip fat!

    On the positive side, the kids liked racing around with their friends, but they were upset by the unsupervised big kids, one of whom slapped my 4 year old, leaving him in tears.

    Funplex might just be bearable outside of school holidays, but I don’t think i’ll chance a return visit to find out!

    Rating: *

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